Why So Many Men Like Escorts

Even though most men would never admit this to you or anyone else, they do like escorts and many have used their services before. If nobody hired escorts, there wouldn't be so many of them, especially in big cities such as New York.


But why men do this? Why do they prefer NYC escorts to having a real girlfriend? There are mostly two types of guys who opt for escorts in New York or anywhere else – those who can't get a girlfriend of their own because of their not-so-good looks or a terrible personality, and those who are very hot but also very busy and don't have time for courtship and a “full time” girlfriend. Many businessmen like to travel with escorts, they don't have time to look for a real travel date, so a New York escort is a great alternative. Businessmen also like that they can dictate what their companion will look like, what she will wear, what she will talk about and everything else.


The beauty and the beast theme is also quite common. An ugly looking guy with super bad personality will never get a decent girlfriend, but that doesn't mean he would mind the company of a fair looking lady. And we have to admit, 99% of escorts are beautiful. Their looks is what makes them money, so they always look their best, dress nicely and have good manners when in company.


Even men who are not looking for sex hire escorts. Whether to look good in front of their friends and colleagues or just for some company when in a strange city or country. They know that there are no strings attached with an escort and that they won't be rejected. They make all the decisions and they love it – being in control and of course, being the envy of others.


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