What to Know About Happy Ending Massage in New York

Happy ending massage is no ordinary massage that you are used to. This as an erotic form of massage that leaves you with an “happy ending”- as the name suggests. The “happy ending” is usually in form of sexual satisfaction. New York, once again, is in the forefront of delivering this service to both residents and visitors. Happy ending massage is not popular among many people and even for those who know about it do not understand it properly. Below is a list of what you should know about happy ending massage, in New York to be precise.

  • Offered to Both Sexes

    Erotic massage has always been associated with men being on the receiving end. However, it should be noted that in New York, happy ending massage is done to everybody regardless of gender. There are male masseurs that perform this art on women clients.

  • It is Erotic

    It is also worth noting that happy ending massage is very erotic. Through the rub n tug technique, the sensational sexual feeling of the client is aroused. Therefore, you should make an appointment with one of the New York’s leading spas to get the sexual satisfaction.

  • It is Legal

    There have been many questions over the legality of happy ending massage in New York. The final answer to the question is that the services are legal. All that is prohibited is turning a spa to a sex den.

  • Has Health Benefits

    Happy ending massage is not just meant to satisfy the client sexually but also to improve the health condition of the client. There are numerous health benefits associated with NYC erotic massage. For example, it reduces stress level of an individual and work to improve sexual functioning of the client being attended to.


For those who did not know anything about happy ending massage in New York can now be in a position to comment on the topic. The above mentioned give a brief synopsis of what a person should know about happy ending massage in New York.

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