What to Avoid with an Escort in Tel Aviv

Many people have been complaining of unpleasant escort dates not knowing that some of the things that they do or say make the whole date to lose its taste. Just like any other date, an escort date is governed by some silent rules that make it successful. To be highlighted here below are some of the things to avoid doing when going out with an escort from Tel Aviv.

  • Don’t ask her how many clients she has seen

One of the greatest mistakes that some clients do is to ask their escorts the number of clients the escorts have seen on that day. This question puts off the escorts and may make her uncomfortable with you.


  • Don’t brush your teeth 30 minutes to the appointment

Though good hygiene is highly encouraged, it is also of great importance to note that brushing your teeth just before meeting your escort date could expose you to STIs. This is because the lining of your mouth may tear and thus increase the exposure to STIs.


  • Don’t bargain

If you don’t have the donation the escort is demanding, its better you pull off and look for another escort. Bargaining will not make the date as interesting as it should be.


  • Don’t pay her directly

The donations to the escorts are not supposed to be given directly. As a custom to escort services, donations are placed in a place where the escort can easily see. They should be enclosed in an envelope.


  • Don’t overstay your welcome

One common mistake that newbie usually make is to try and overstay their welcome. No matter how sweet the date is, it is only good that you keep your word in timing. What you pay for is what you get and therefore you should leave as soon as your time with her lapses.


  • Don’t give silly excuses

As a convention to this service, excuses for not showing up for an escort date should be simple and direct. Just make a call to your escort explaining that you will not come for the date. Do not try to make up silly excuses for your failure to attend the date.


If you keep the above stated things in mind, then you will have a nice time with an escort from Tel Aviv

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