What Is Nuru Massage

Most people think of nuru massage as a type of erotic massage, but let's take a closer look at the history and how this massage works.


It comes from Japan, where the word “nuru” means “slippery”. That's why it is also often called “slide massage”. It involves full massage with body to body contact, where the masseuse slides naked over the body of the client. All it takes to perform this type of massage is the body and some special nuru gel (or nuru oil).


This massage is becoming more and more popular all over the world, you can see a lot of massage parlors in China, Japan and other parts of Asia offering this service, but it has reached the western world as well with even some major Spas starting to include it. For example, there are several great nuru massage NYC parlors that never run out of clients.


So, how is this massage done exactly? All that is needed is a good air mattress or something else that allows you to slide on it and doesn't absorb the gel. Then of course, you need the gel. Using special nuru gel that is smell free and doesn't stain is best for this type of massage. You need a lot of it and some warm water to mix it with to get the consistency right.


Usually, both parties take a bath together before the session. Then the customer lies down and the masseuse pours plenty of gel on his body. Then it's time for the massage itself. The masseuse climbs on top of the client and both can have fun sliding around. As the massage therapist slides along the body of the client, it relaxes his muscles and takes away the stress.


All this is very exciting and quite arousing, so you may want to try this massage out at home with your partner as well.


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