What Female Strippers Do in New York

People are always keener on looking at the negative side of individuals. Amongst the group of people that have suffered negative criticism in New York are female strippers. Funny enough is that the negative criticism is engineered by people outside New York. This means that they base their criticism on what they think of the strippers and not what they have experienced. This has called for a close look on what usually happens in New York strip clubs. Here below is a list of what female strippers in New York do in the strip clubs.

  • Floor Dancing

    Actually, the core business of strippers is dancing. New York strippers are among the best dancers in the country. Their dancing techniques are enhanced by their daily training for this art. Therefore if you want the ultimate dancing experience, make your way into one of the stripper clubs in New York.

  • Lap Dancing

    There are private lounges for VIPs who want to enjoy the services of strippers at a closer range. Here, the strippers showcase their prowess in lap dancing to appeal the ever demanding clients in New York. It is purely lap dancing that is done in these private lounges.

  • Chatting

    New York strippers are very intelligent and thus they can keep clients company for a long time. There are those clients who book in stripper just to enjoy the company of a hot stripper. At this moment, they engage such clients in constructive chats that are of great benefit to the client.

  • Pole Dancing

    Pole Dancing is also a popular act that you cannot miss in a NY strip club. Strippers appease club attendants with their ever amazing skills at the poles.


Other services that are done by female strippers include:

  • Serving VIP with drinks
  • Training Club Dancers
  • General entertainment


From the above, it is clear that female strippers in New York only engage in legal acts that are confined within the law. Therefore the negative criticism should stop immediately.

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