Top Reasons Why You Should Try Sex Toys

People react to sex toys differently. To some, the mere sight of a vibrator is enough to send a hearty laugh. Some men may feel embarrassed, threatened, or insulted by the idea of using a sex toy. Other adventurous males, though, wouldn't find it a problem.


The point is, we're all different. But unless we give sex toys a try, we'll never know if they're beneficial or not. Here are the top reasons why you should try sex toys.

  1. Sex toys offer added stimulation.
    Without a sex toy, the sexual pleasure you're going to get is limited only to what you use during intercourse (i.e., hands, tongue, licking, stroking). If trying a new position is your most adventurous yet, put on a strapon. You'll be amazed at the diverse position possibilities afforded by this nifty device. But the best part is, it will free up your hands so they can focus on other areas of your partner's body.
  2. Get mind-blowing orgasms.
    Are you having difficulty getting orgasms lately? Try one of those vibrating panties. While these toys are designed for self-stimulation, creative couples can have fun with them. You can ask your wife to wear one while you take her out on a romantic dinner. Tell her to turn it on while you whisper sweet nothings until both of you are feeling very excited. Surely, what will happen next is one mind-blowing sexual experience.
  3. Increase your sexual confidence.

    If you want better sex, you have to be sexually confident. Not all of us have a great body, but when you understand your sexual needs, you're one step closer to experiencing good sex.

    This is where sex toys come in. Agreeing to use sex toys is one way of taking responsibility of your sexual needs. It means you're willing to explore your sexuality, including what turns you on and what doesn't work. A sex toy can help you find your G spot, and have lots of practice in private. As a result, not only will you have better orgasms, but you will gain better sexual confidence — not to mention the expertise you'll need to please your partner.

  4. Get better health

    Are you stressed out lately? Skip the food binge and try a sex toy instead. According to We-Vibe, sexual stimulation releases hormones that give a positive effect on the well-being of women. But aside from that, sex toys are also effective in improving mood and curing migraine.

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