Tips for Meeting an Escort from Israel

Once you have set an escort date, you should be extremely prepared for the date to make it effective. There are some things that you need to note about the whole act of meeting with an escort in Israel. Meeting an escort will be the determiner of your date; whether it will be good or bad.

The following tips should be followed by anyone meeting an escort for the first time.

  • Be cautious upon arrival

You need to be cautious the moment you arrive on the venue. To act as a tip, you should observe the surroundings for anything that is suspicious. If there is anything that’s alarming, you should think on leaving or rescheduling the date to a different venue. This is a tip applicable when meeting an escort for the first time.


  • Do not carry your wallet

You are not required to carry your wallet when going for an escort date. You can leave your wallet inside your car, more especially if your wallet has important documents that you don’t want to lose.


  • Have an envelope with the escort’s money

The fact that you are not carrying your wallet to the escort date venue doesn’t mean that you do not carry your escort’s money. You should have the money enclosed in an envelope. You should put it somewhere where the escort can clearly see it.


  • Confirm the escort’s age

One of the most important things that you need to check is the escort’s age. Just confirm whether she is of 18 years and above. You might get yourself into real trouble if found to be dating an underage girl. Looks might be deceiving and thus seek her documentation as proof of her age.


  • Get Comfortable

Once you have ascertained that the escort is of legal age, you should get comfortable and play with her rules. She is the service provider and you need to follow her rules.


  • Leave as soon as you are done

After you are done, you should leave immediately. Do not try to extend your stay with the escort. This should only be done if you are willing to pay more for the extra time spent with the escort.

These tips are very beneficial to ensuring that your escort date is successful. Do not deviate from any of these tips if you want to have a nice time with an escort from Israel.

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