The Career Pathway of an Escort in New York

It is a well known fact that New York is the best place to start off an escort career. It is not just escort services that New York is leading but also other fields. This is due to the fact that the state is so liberal and gives everybody equal opportunity. Of interest here is how one can start off a career in Escort services here in New York. To be mentioned below are some of the steps to be taken by an individual and what is required by the state government.

  • Decide if this is What You Want

    It is important for a potential escort to decide if this is truly what she wants to do. This is because the public has been having a negative perception on New York escort service. Therefore if you decide to engage here you must be prepared to face such challenges.

  • Identify a Role Model

    If you have decided that this is what you will do, then the next step is identifying a role model that will guide you and also act as your mentor. You should pick on an experienced escort to act as your mentor.

  • Register with the State Government

    It is a requirement for escorts in New York to be registered by the government. After fulfilling the requirements and registration, you will be given a license that permits you to offer escort services in New York.

  • Subscribe to an Agency

    The easiest way of getting clients is to subscribe to an escort agency. This way you will start earning money on commission.

    • Alternatively, you can use your mentor to help you secure clients of your own. This is the best way of starting an escort career.

  • Keep Your Clients by Offering Quality Service

    Once you start getting clients, you should offer quality services so that you can keep them. Good services are bound to sell out through client referrals.

  • Invest Wisely

    Escort service has good money. It is therefore important for an escort to use the money wisely. Investing is the most ideal way of keeping the money safe. As an escort, you can start an escort agency as a way of investing.


That is how easy one can build an escort career and become one of the best New York escorts.

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