The Best Places to Hang Out- Nightlife in New York

New York is known to be the best place to have a wonderful night out experience. There have been people travelling from different places just coming to New York to have an experience of NYC nightlife. The nightlife is pretty admirable and can be better if you know the best places to hang out during the night in New York. There are various night clubs in New York one can find interesting. To be mentioned below are some of the best places to hang out during the Night in New York.

  • Cielo Club

    This is one of the best places one can spend a whole night in. the club is well known for dancing. Among the NYC dance clubs, Cielo is considered to be the best. There are good DJs that take people through the night without feeling tired even for a minute.

  • Le Bain

    This is also another good place to hang out during the night. While at this place, one can have a good view of Manhattan and Hudson Rivers. It is therefore a good place to hang out during the night for a spectacular view of admirable rivers.

  • Avenue Club

    This is a mid-sized club that was opened in the year 2009. The Club has so much in terms of entertainment. For those who mind privacy while hanging out then consider Avenue as the best place to be. It has a private Lounge Upstairs where one can enjoy total privacy.

  • Output Club

    Output club is another good hangout base for those who are in love with techno aficionados.

  • Westway

    Westway is also one of the best places to have a good dancing experience while in New York. The floor of the club is specially designed for dancing. There are private rooms for those who mind privacy.

The above mentioned are some of the top clubs in NYC that offer a good place to hang out.

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