The Art of Erotic Massage in New York

Erotic massage is very familiar to most people living in New York. Its familiarity is characterized by knowing how it is performed. It is only in New York where the art of erotic massage has been perfected. There is a way erotic massage New York is done that makes it a bit different from other places. The art here is unique in its kind bringing the whole difference. The art of erotic massage in New York is what is going to be looked into below here.

  • Setting the Scene

    Setting the scene is an art that most people fail simply because they do not understand how it should be done. While setting up the scene, one should ensure that room is very tidy. Some distractions such as electronics should be removed from the room so as to give the room a complete romantic appeal.

  • Room Temperature

    You should make sure the room temperature is very comfortable. This works to keep the environment comfortable.

  • Use Candles to Light the Room

    Candles have a romantic appeal and therefore one should put candles to light the room. This is how New York masseurs do it. The candles also offer some warmth to the room which is highly needed.

  • Have Your Nails Cut

    As a masseur, you should keep your nails cut. This will help to avoid a scenario where the nails injure a client. It also keeps the hands of the masseur soft in a way.

  • Never Break Contact

    It is important to maintain contact with your partner’s skin. Immediately after touching the skin, you should not break that contact. This helps in maintaining the connection.

  • Put some Cool Music

    Having some cool music in the room brings a good mood while doing the body massage. The music should have a romantic theme and can be purchased from any of the stores within New York that sell Spa CDs.


The art of erotic massage in NYC is considered to be among the best. The above mentioned are some of the things that makes New York’s erotic massage be the best.

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