The Art of Erotic Massage in Givatayim


Erotic massage is not like any other ordinary massage that you can get. It is a special type of massage that gives an undisputed sensation to the client being massaged. The art of erotic massage has been mastered in Givatayim. There is a way in which erotic massage in Givatayim is done to make it a better service as compared to other cities. The art of erotic massage in Givatayim is what forms the base of discussion here below where the ideal way of offering erotic massage will be discussed.

  • Setting the Scene

One of the most important things to do when offering an erotic massage is to set the scene well. Setting the scene is involves preparing the room in which the massage will take place. It is important to note that tidiness is one of the most important things in perfecting the art of erotic massage.


  • Room Temperature

As an art to offering the best erotic massage services, one should ensure that the room temperature is fine for the client. If need be, there should be an air conditioner to regulate the room’s temperature.


  • Use Candles to Light the Room

Having said that erotic massage is not any ordinary massage, it is then important to avoid the normal lighting and instead opt for candles as a way of lighting the room. This is because candles are known to stimulate the romantic environment that will make the client ready for the massage service. Furthermore, candle lighting brings warmth in the room that makes the whole massaging service enjoyable.


  • Have your Nails Cut

There are some masseurs who attempt to massage their clients with long nails. It is important to cut your nails on daily basis to avoid embarrassing yourself when massaging a client. Simple things such as nail cutting promote personal hygiene that is very important in making sure the whole service is at its best.


  • Music in the Room

Another important thing that makes erotic massage in Givatayim unique is the presence of cool music in the background while the masseur is offering the service. There are options of cool music that you can put to sooth your clients.


  • Never Loose Contact

To completely master the art of erotic massage, it is important to learn how to maintain contact with the client throughout the service. It is important to maintain contact for the massage to have its full meaning.


The art of erotic massage is quite simple. Just master the above stated tips and you are good to offer erotic massage that is perfect.

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