Silent Rules for Escort Service in Tel Aviv

Though not controlled by the government, escort service in Tel Aviv has some rules that govern it. These rules are called silent rules because it is assumed that everyone knows of them and thus no need to shout them loud. However, there are some escorts who do not know of the rules governing this service.

Rules to be observed by Escorts

Screening Rules:

  • Always ask for your client’s details

Assumptions should not be made when meeting with clients. As a way of ensuring that you screen your clients well, it is important to ask them their names, telephone number- preferably a landline number.

  • Know what your client needs

It is also of great importance to know exactly what your client wants for that escort date. This screening is meant to ensure that no party is disappointed at the end of the date.

Travelling Rules:

  • Arrange for your own transport

This is one of the rules that should not be forgotten in any way. Arranging for your own transportation is meant to improve your safety.

  • Insist on a taxi

If you are traveling with your client to another place, you should insist on getting a taxi as opposed to using his own car.


Arrival Rules:

  • Arrive a bit early

You should arrive a bit earlier than the agreed time. This will give you the opportunity to check the surroundings and observe any suspicious leads that may lead you to cancel the date.

  • Ensure the client is alone in the room

An escort date should be for one client at a time. You should ensure that there is only one person that you are entertaining.

Payment Rules:

  • Insist on upfront payment

If you are new to escort service in Tel Aviv, then you should demand for an upfront payment. This will help you to avoid working for free. This rule can change once you have identified your own trusted clients who can comfortably pay at the end of the service.

  • Don’t take credit card

This is a service that should not have credit card as a mode of payment. At times the credit card may have no money. Insist on cash!


These are just some of the rules that can get your started in the escort service here in Tel Aviv. Otherwise, there is so much that you will learn while working in the industry.

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