Should an Escort in Tel Aviv go Independent or Use an Agency?

Working as an escort has become an order of the day in many cities around the world. For you to become an escort, you will need to decide whether you will work independently or use an agency. So what is the best option for an escort in Tel Aviv? In getting the right answer to this question, we will highlight the pros and cons of being independent.

Pros and Cons of being an Independent Escort

The Pros of being independent

  • You keep all the money

One of the benefits of going alone is that you will get all the money. When you work under an agency, there will be a cut in commission. This cut in commission reduces your income by a significant amount and thus it is better to work independently to keep all your money.

  • Pick the clients you work with

As an independent escort, you also get the benefit of picking the clients you work with. This is unlike the scenario where you work under an agency. An agency selects for you the client and you have fewer options to which client you can pick.

  • You set prices

Another benefit of working independently is that you get to set the prices. On the other hand, an agency sets the price and you only work under their price schedule.

  • Pick days off

You also get to pick your days off when you work independently. When you are under and agency, there are prime days that you can rarely be allowed to be off work.

The Cons of being independent

  • You don’t have much protection

When you decide to go independent, you will not enjoy enhanced protection as it is with an agency. When you work for an agency, there is a team of people watching out for you.

  • No screening of men

Individuals do not screen men before going out with them. Therefore, it is better to work with an agency which screens men before going out on an escort date.

  • You have to market yourself

Another drawback for working independently is that you have to market yourself. You will not enjoy the marketing benefits enjoyed by those working under agencies.

The above mentioned pros and cons should guide you on whether to choose to work under and escort agency or as an independent escort in Tel Aviv.

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