Sex Shops in New York

Sex shops are very popular in New York City. You will find at least a dozen sex shops in each of the five boroughs of the city. Some shops are more popular than others because of their originality and location within the city. Since New York City is a huge tourist attraction that attracts travelers from all around the world, many of these travelers love to visit the city’s various sex shops. What makes these sex shops so interesting are not necessarily their vibrators and love dolls, but instead the themes of the shops. For example, there is a shop called “The Leather Man” that specializes in selling adult leather clothing to people with a leather fetish. These could be erotic items like leather jackets, gloves and crotchless leather panties. Another popular sex shop in New York City is “Toys in Babeland.” This sex shop actually caters towards lesbians and women the most because of their wide selection of dildos and vibrators. When you walk in you will see hundreds of dildos and vibrators in different colors and sizes. There are even tables laid out around the store that have dildo and vibrator samples on them. Shoppers are allowed to fondle and touch these samples as they browse through the store. This is a very good marketing tactic because it lets the customer get familiar with the texture of the product before committing to the purchase. Women give the store much praise for their wide selection of masturbation devices. About 20 years ago, adult toys used to be synonymous with only male masturbation devices. As we move forward throughout the 21st century, we are seeing women becoming just as liberal towards sexual pleasure as men.


Sex shops might seem a tad trite to have in big cities, but they are actually very popular. In fact, sex shops within the eight largest metropolitan cities in America bring in a total of $1 billion per year. For New York City, that would come out to around $125 million per year. It is no wonder why cities allow sex toys to be sold in their jurisdiction. When you figure all of the sales tax revenue that is earned from selling sex toys, cities have no problems keeping these shops active. So, the next time you visit New York City be sure to check out one of the many sex shops that the city has to offer. Chances are you will locate one if you simply walk around the city for a little while.

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