Reasons for Being a Male Stripper in New York

When one talks of a male stripper, the reception will be a bit surprised. This is because most people are not used to male strippers. There are some states where people have never heard of male strippers. New York is a bit different; there are many male strippers in New York. The large number of strippers in New York is due to the many benefits that come with being a stripper in New York. To be discussed below are some of the reasons why a man would choose to become a stripper in New York.

  • Well Paying

    Male strippers in New York are paid good money by their various strip clubs. The money offered is an incentive to many men in New York who are trying to make ends meet. Given its easy task-less labor- men prefer to engage in it.

  • Fun

    Some young men in New York engage in stripping not because of the money on offer but rather for the fun of it. Such people are fond of exploring different lifestyles. It is also worth mentioning that strip clubs in NYC offers ultimate entertainment. This can work as an incentive for those who like entertainment to join the stripping career.

  • Lack of Job Opportunity

    New York is a harsh state where only the best survives. If a man is less educated and do not have family connections, he might find it hard to secure a white collar job. As a result of failing to secure a job, New York man may decide to get into stripping. It is also important to note that stripping requires some certain techniques that must be learnt, there is no automatic ticket to get job in NY strip clubs.

  • Peer Pressure

    This is common among the youthful men. One can be influenced to get into stripping if all of his friends are strippers. Some ladies may also influence their boyfriends to get into stripping.


The above mentioned are the top reasons why a man in New York would go to New York strip clubs seeking employment as a stripper.

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