Misconceptions About New York Male Strippers

The popularity of male strippers in New York has been on the upward trend in the recent past. This is due to the opportunity seen by young men to get good money out of it. With this growing population of male strippers in New York, many talks have been heard describing the male strippers. Most of it being lies. Many people have assimilated these lies to be true hence giving a reason for highlighting some of the misconceptions labeled against male strippers in New York. Here below is a list of the misconception and their rightful explanations.

  • Male Strippers in New York are Gays

    This is one of the many widespread misconceptions about these male strippers. It is important to note that being gay is everybody’s right. Whoever wishes to become one cannot be stopped. But it becomes unfair to label all the male strippers as gays. This ruins their reputation, mostly to religious strippers.

  • Most are Male Prostitutes

    There have been talks with an aim of brandishing New York male strippers as male prostitutes. There is no absolute base for this kind of argument. First and foremost, prostitution is not allowed in any of the strippers’ clubs and hence no one can carry on with that act.

  • Male Strippers in New York are Tough

    Male strippers in New York are just like other strippers outside New York. The ability to be tough or not solely lies on an individual and there should be no formed opinion on all of them.

  • Male Strippers in New York are Weak in Sex

    This is an outright lie because one’s sexual ability is only known to the sexual partner and those propagating these lies have never been any close to a male stripper in New York. If you try them out in bed, you might be surprised at how good they are.

  • Male strippers Do Not enjoy Equal Rights

    New York is a free state that everybody enjoys their right to do whatever they like, provided is under the law. Black male strippers in New York are treated as equal as their white and Asian counterparts.


The above mentioned are some of the misconceptions about New York’s male strippers.

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