Misconceptions about Happy Ending Massage in New York

The rising popularity of happy ending massage has seen this trade face numerous allegations of immoral character among the involved. This is as a result of people having a negative view of the trade. There are various misconceptions that have been labeled against happy ending massage in New York. To be mentioned below are some of the most widespread misconceptions about happy ending massage mostly in New York.

  • Happy Ending Massage Promotes Prostitution in New York

    This is perhaps the most widespread misconception about happy ending massage. People mistake erotic massage for sexual favors. It is important to note that sexual favors in any of the happy ending massage clubs within New York is prohibited. This therefore makes it clear that happy ending massage is not in any way promoting prostitution.

  • Happy Ending Massage is for the Rich in New York

    Some people have been having the perception that happy ending massage is meant for the rich in New York. This is just but a misplaced misconception that should not be tolerated. NYC erotic massage is meant for all the classes of people. The prices vary depending on the club you are in and minutes of service offered.

  • Happy Ending Massage Breaks Relationships

    Some people have always seen any form of erotic massage as a relationship breaker. But this is not true at all. Erotic massage New York cannot interfere with a relationship. Clients get professional treatment from the masseurs.

  • Happy Ending Massage is Immoral

    Immorality of an individual should not be framed to the profession of that individual. Generally, masseurs in New York are of good moral character. But ultimately the character of an individual solely relies on the individual and not the trade involved in.

  • Happy Ending Massage Defames New York

    New York is a state that leads in the entertainment industry. Erotic massage offered here cannot therefore work to defame the state. As a matter of fact, it works to put the state in the limelight.


The above mentioned are some of the misconceptions that have been labeled against happy ending massage. Therefore they should be ignored for they have no basis.

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