Misconceptions About Erotic Massage in Ramat Gan


Much has been said about erotic massage in Ramat Gan. As a growing industry, erotic massage has come under criticism with people labeling names to this professional service. As it is a trend, people will always want to seek audience by attacking a fast rising service. Though there are many people who have stood firm to say the truth about erotic massage, still there are many misconceptions that have been deeply rooted in people’s minds. Here below are some of the leading misconceptions and clarifications on them.

  • Erotic Massage Promotes Prostitution

The most widespread misconception about erotic massage in Ramat Gan is that it helps in promoting prostitution. People have always linked erotic massage services to acts of prostitution. Unlike what many think, erotic massage is a professional service that has no traces of prostitution in it. It is important to state at this point that prostitution is a different service. Both clients and erotic massage service providers are not allowed to get intimate.


  • Only Women Can Offer Erotic Massage Service

Another deeply rooted misconception is that only women can provide professional erotic massage services. While there are many women out there offering this service, it is important to note that this service is open to both men and women who have what it takes to get into this business. The client usually has a choice of whether to be massaged by a woman or a man. Depending on the preference of a client, there have to be both men and women as masseurs in any recognized erotic massage parlor.


  • Masseurs have Questionable Moral Character

Another misconception is that all masseurs offering erotic massage as a service have questionable characters. This misconception is related to the first misconception that this service promotes prostitution and thus those practicing it are not morally upright. There are family men and women offering this service and thus it cannot be said that masseurs have questionable moral character. As a matter of fact, most masseurs are respected members of the society who only do their work within the limits provided by the law and thus no need to question their morality.


  • Erotic Massage is for the Rich

Most people view erotic massage as a service that only the rich can afford. The truth is that anyone can afford to get this professional service. There are cheap parlors offering erotic massage in Ramat Gan and thus everyone can afford this service. It is therefore very misleading to state that erotic massage is only meant for the rich.

The above mentioned are some of the most widespread misconceptions that people have about erotic massage. It is important that such baseless misconceptions be avoided to allow professional masseurs to offer the service with honor.

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