Misconceptions About Erotic Massage in New York

Many people have been saying so much about erotic massage in New York. Most of the things that have been put in the court of public opinion are baseless. But it makes sense since people out there prefer to talk about juicy stuff and the truth can never be juicy to the ears of eager residents. There have been many misconceptions about erotic massage New York that need clarification. Some of the misconceptions will be discussed below as we try to offer clear clarification on the issues.

  • Only women can Offer Massaging Services

    This is among the leading misconceptions that people have already believed to be true. It is important to state boldly that not just women can offer the services. There are male masseurs who are trained to offer the services. This is because there are women who prefer men to massage them for to get the sexual feeling.

  • Erotic Massages Promotes Prostitution

    This is the most widespread misconception about erotic massage in New York. Most people think that it is an act of prostitution. Contrary to that, it should be noted that New York as a state cannot allow prostitution under the banner of massaging. It is illegal to engage in prostitution and hence the misconception has no basis. All that is offered is body massage and nothing more than that.

  • Masseurs in New York have Questionable Moral Character

    The moral character of masseurs in New York cannot be questioned based on their career path. If you were to do that, then certainly you are going to be unfair to them. They are just normal and most of them have families to look after therefore it is improper to question their moral character based on the fact that they offer erotic massage.

  • Erotic massage is meant for the Rich

    It is not correct to say that erotic massage is meant only for the rich for they are quite affordable. Nuru massage New York is what might be a bit expensive but the price is still realizable.


The above mentioned are some of the most common misconceptions about erotic massage service in New York.

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