Legality of Erotic Massage in New York

Massaging service in New York has been facing its fair of challenges. The challenges come from all corners. Some residents, who are against the provision of such services, have been in the forefront to attack the legality of this trade. Most people accuse the people involved in offering erotic massage New York of breaking the law. So what is the legality of erotic massage in New York? In getting to answer this question, some of the legal requirements of operating an erotic massage spa will be discussed.

  1. What Kind of Service is Legally Allowed in New York

    New York, in relation to massaging services, allows people to engage in body massage only. Sex is strictly prohibited while offering this service. The word sex here is a bit broad in the sense that what is regarded to as sex might not be the actual intercourse. New York defines sex, in context to massaging services, as the act of arousing someone’s sexual feelings with the intent of doing so. So how can one know that what is being done is within the legal boundary?

    • Body Massage without Touching the Genitals

      One is allowed to do the body massage but stay clear from the genitals of the client. An approach to the genitals is deemed as having intent to sexually arouse your partner.

    • No kissing

      Kissing is a sexual approach that should be avoided in order to be on the safe side.

  2. Employing Minors

    There have been speculations that some spas within New York are employing minors to offer massaging services to clients. It is very illegal to employ a minor to do such a job in New York. This is punishable by law.

  3. Taxes

    All the spas should return to the government all the taxes that come as a result of revenue from erotic massage. Failure to pay all the taxes may lead to getting your license revoked and probably get imprisoned.


The above are some of the legal questions that people have on erotic massage in NYC and the entire state of New York.

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