How to Treat an Escort Girl in Tel Aviv

If you want to get the best services from an escort girl in Tel Aviv, then you must learn a few tricks. All these tricks revolve around treating her well during the date. To be highlighted below here are some of the ways in which you should treat an escort to get the best services from her.

  • Be on time

Do not keep your escort girl waiting for you. You should arrive at the venue of your date in good time. This is the perfect way to start off your date. Lateness will result into confusion that will end up making the whole date to be unsuccessful.


  • Be nice, treat her like a lady

You should show your gentleness to the lady from the moment you meet her. You should be nice to her and treat her like a lady. In so doing, you should give her a soft kiss on her cheeks on your first contact with her. Of course there are many other things that can be done to show your gentleness. The main point here is that you should be nice to her.


  • Talk softly

Though you are the client seeking services, you should not use abusive language when talking to an escort girl. You should be very soft while talking to her.

But this does not mean that you become shy. Just be as natural as you can.


  • Make funny comments

Just for the sake of making the date lively, you should make comments that will stimulate the escort’s sense of humor.


  • Don’t discuss sex openly

An escort girl is not a prostitute for you to start discussing sexual matters openly. As a matter of fact, she has the right to deny you sex. Therefore, you should send her cues suggesting that you are interested in getting intimate.


  • Don’t offer the donation directly

You will offend an escort girl if you give her money directly after your engagement. Hide the money in an envelope and place it somewhere visible for her to take it at her convenience.

If you observe these basics, you will then get the best services from an escort girl in Tel Aviv. The best way to reciprocate good services is by tipping her.

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