How to Make an Escort Do What You Want

There have been misconceptions on how escorts treat their clients. Some people have complained of being mistreated by escorts. The truth of their allegations is yet to be known. Meanwhile, it is important to know some of the things that one should to make an escort do what you want. To be discussed below are some the tips on how to make an escort do your wishes.

  • Show her the Money

    It is a fact that most escorts are motivated by money. It is important to show her the money so that she keeps in mind that there is money to be offered. This will automatically make her be submissive and will do you some little favors that on a normal occasion she would not have done.

  • Communicate with Her

    Communication is the key to making an escort do whatever is that you want. Some people take assumptions that escorts already know what they want and this way they end up being disappointed. It is true that a New York escort is good at reading the body language of her client but it should be noted that they are not angels to know everything. It is therefore important to communicate with her and ask that which you want her to do for you.

  • Ask Politely

    Escorts are just normal human beings who appreciate those who are polite to them. Being polite to an escort does not cost even a penny but can certainly help you in getting what you want. There are escorts who cannot do anything when not asked politely. Examples of such are escorts in Brooklyn who only work well when asked politely.

  • Treat her Like a Lady

    Ladies ought to be treated with respect and therefore you should treat an escort with respect to get her do whatever you want.

  • Tip Her

    Escorts working for agencies may require a tip to act as motivation. Once she is motivated, she will definitely do anything you want.


Escorts New York are considered to be among the best escorts in America and therefore they are very professional in delivering their services. It is however important to keep in mind the above mentioned tips on how to make them do what you want.

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