How to Become a Male Stripper

1. Check your confidence level and more importantly your comfort levels; is it something you would be comfortable doing for money? You also have to be comfortable being naked in front of a large audience. If this is something that scares the shit out of you then becoming a male stripper is not for you.


2. Work on yourself. Let's say you were working in the field of information technology; do you think you would stop working on updating yourself after a certain point of time? NO Same thing with a stripper; you need to keep working on your body. You will have to watch your diet. Do work outs to have a toned body. After all who wants to see a fat hairy ugly stripper in front of them? Keeping yourself fit and desirable not only helps you becoming popular on job but also gives you a confidence boost.


3. Have hot costumes. Tearing your clothes down to strip is a popular ways amongst the strippers. Make sure you have such clothes on your before you think about doing such a stunt. Also buy sexy underwear to gain more points.


4. Learn your moves. You will have to practice your moves before you actually get down to business. Also make sure you know your music. Make cds of songs you love stripping to. Carry your cd along with yourself.


5. Learn your dance moves by watching dirty dancing movies. Match your facial expressions with your moves – remember it is all about having fun. Also some strippers love to dance on poles. If this is something you are going to do then install a pole in your living room and start practicing those moves today.


6. What will they call you? Pick a stage name for yourself. Choose a name that highlights your personality. Do not use your real name or a name your friends call you by.


7. Get yourself a nice headshot. Take a photo, preferably a black and white one and send it to agencies around and online websites who are in the same niche. Some websites and agencies might also charge you for putting up your profile. Read about reviews and ratings of such websites and agencies before you pay them any money.


8. Become a part of an agency that has a good reputation. This is going to be very important for your future. An agency that cares for its clients and customers will go a long way whereas on the other hand an agency that is just looking to make fast money will not take care of the strippers or the clients registered with them. Also to be on the safer side, make sure the agency you joined is registered Ltd or PLC Company.

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