How to become a Favorite of an Escort in Tel Aviv

Once you get the services of a good escort in Tel Aviv, you will always want to get the same services over and over. The services can become better if you become an escort’s favorite client. So, how do you become an escort’s favorite? This question forms the basis of discussion here below where some of the tips of becoming an escort’s favorite will be highlighted.

Top Tips to Become an Escort’s Favorite Client

  • Be on time

Escorts value their time and thus the importance of keeping time whenever going for an escort date. It is important to keep time or at least call to say you will be a bit late. Just showing up late for the date will never make you an escort’s favorite.


  • Never Discuss Sexual Acts in Person

Escorts are not prostitutes and therefore you should not discuss sexual acts in person. If you want sexual favors from an escort, you should give her hints and observe her reactions and not asking her directly for sex. Giving her hints will make her respect you and thus keep you as her favorite client.


  • Money First

In as much as escort service looks fun, it still remains to a business. Therefore, you should pay your escort first before anything else. The payment should be done in a way that does not suggest that it is the main event. You can hide payment in a place where the escort sees.


  • Be Respectful

One of the best ways of becoming an escort’s favorite is by being respectful to her. You should be really nice to her during the date and treat her like a lady. This will make her give you preference over clients who do not possess this quality.


  • Tip her

This is a service that appreciates tips a lot. If you get an escort from an agency, the tip will mean a lot to her and she will forever remember you for that. The same happens to self-employed escorts.


The above mentioned are some of the useful tips that you should observe when going out for an escort date. These tips will help you to become a favorite client of an escort in Tel Aviv.

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