How to be a Good Male Stripper in New York

Male strippers in New York are still struggling to pick up on a field that is flooded with ladies. The general perception of stripping is that it is a woman’s thing. As much as women are dominating this field, men too are getting their share out of it. But men still need to do so much to improve their earnings in this career. There are things that a male stripper, more especially in New York, should do to become a good Stripper. To be highlighted below are some of the things that the male strippers in New York should do to perfect on their work.

  • Improve Dancing Styles

    Dancing is the key pillar to becoming a good stripper. Most strip clubs in New York only employ strippers who have perfected their dancing art. Even the employed ones needs to sharpen their dancing skills so as to get a pay rise or good tips from satisfied clients.

  • Go to the Gym

    Stripping is all about good sexual appeal. Going back to the gym will help in giving the body a good shape. Well defined muscles will definitely help you secure a spot in the list of hot strippers in New York. Therefore a person should go to the gym to burn any fat and replace it with real muscles that are attractive.

  • Be Social

    Another secret of being a good stripper in New York is by ensuring that you are always social. Being social can help in building a good relationship with the clients.

  • Follow the Trends

    A male stripper in New York needs to be trendy so as to maintain the status of being a good stripper. Once stripper follows the prevailing trends in New York, the pathway to success is clear.


The above mentioned acts as tips on what a male stripper in New York can do in order to make it as one of the best and probably be employed in one of the best strip clubs in NYC.

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