Frequently Asked Questions on Erotic Massage in Petah Tikva


Erotic massage is a fast growing business that many investors are putting their money in. As a trendy business, many questions have been asked about erotic massage services. While some of the questions have been answered, some have not yet been answered appropriately. This article will review the frequently asked questions on erotic massage in Petah Tikva and provide answers to these questions.

  • Is Erotic Massage Legal?

Erotic massage is a legal business activity in many countries in the world including Israel. There is a special license that is issued to any individual who wants to engage in this business. The license outlines the extent to which masseurs offering this service can reach.


  • Is Sex part of Erotic Massage?

As a regulation set out by the government, masseurs and their clients are not supposed to engage in sexual activity as part of erotic massage services. Therefore, sex is not part of the erotic massage service offered.


  • Is there Age Limit for Masseurs?

It is important to note that minors are not allowed to take part in erotic massage services. It is against the law to seek erotic massage services from minors. The age limit for those offering erotic massage services is at 18.

In extension, minors cannot get erotic massage services. They are only eligible for normal massaging services accompanied with an adult.


  • Is Erotic Massage Approved by Religion?

Just like many other countries, Israel is a religious state and thus religious leaders have a say in social activities in the country. It is a bit tricky to state whether religion approves erotic massage or not. Most clergy men have no issue with erotic massage in Petah Tikva so long as it does not get to the level of intimacy. Therefore, religion holds a neutral view on erotic massage.


  • Is Erotic Massage same as Normal Massage?

Erotic massage is not the same service as the normal massage. There are different ways in which the two types of massaging services vary. The main distinction is in the service provided. Erotic massage is more detailed aimed at healing one’s mind and also offering pleasure while the normal massage is just for body’s relaxation.


Of course there could be dozens of other questions on erotic massage in Petah Tikva but the above mentioned are the frequently asked questions on this subject. The questions act as a guide to understanding erotic massage in an informed view.

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