Frequently Asked Questions of New York Strip Clubs

Just one visit to any of the New York strip clubs will leave you with many questions about the clubs. Most of these questions have been asked with an aim of discrediting the best strip clubs in NYC. Once you discredit NYC, the image of the larger New York is tainted. There are also some honest questions that are yet to get answers. Here below are some of the frequently asked questions on New York strip clubs and their appropriate answers.

  • Are All NY Strip Clubs Legal?

    Yes. There is a clear guideline on the formation and running of a strip club in New York. This question is probably being asked because some think that the authority is not aware of what goes on inside the strip clubs. The state government monitors all the activities and any strip club flouting any rule is banned.

  • Do the Strip Clubs Offer ‘Extra’ Services?

    Depending on what you mean by ‘extra’ services, the answer could be both ways. The extra service offered is a private lounge with a stripper on your lap. That is as far as it can go. But if sex was the reference of the ‘extra’ service, then the answer is a clear NO. Sex is not permitted within the premises of a strip club.

  • Can I get Minors to Strip for Me?

    NO. New York strip clubs are very strict on this and do not allow for minors in the club, not only as strippers but as clients as well. Therefore expect no minor in these clubs.

  • Do these Strip Clubs Run 24 hours a Day?

    Yes, most of the strip clubs operates 24hrs a day. Most of the activities are during the night so that is when to expect lots of action.

  • Are All the Strip Clubs Owned by Locals?

    No, there are some strip clubs that are owned by private investors outside New York. The state government allows for investors to invest without any tussles.

  • Are the Clubs Active on all Days?

    Yes, all the strip clubs are active in all days. So if you visited once, you should make an effort of going back again.

  • Are the Strip Clubs Well Spread within New York?

    Yes, the strip clubs are well spread in all corners of New York and you will not miss even a single stripper club in any town.


The above mentioned are some of the FAQs of NY strip clubs.

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