FAQs on New York Swingers Clubs

Many people have been against the whole thing of swinging. Some people view it as an act of immorality that should be done with at all costs. The reasoning behind such thinking is solely based on religious grounds that seem to be against swinging. Others are oblivious about the whole thing. Some New York residents have been asking questions in relation to swingers clubs in New York. The questions have been asked over and over meaning that no reliable answers have been given to such questions. To be viewed below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions on New York Swingers Clubs.

  • What Kind of Amenities do New York Swingers Clubs Have?

    New York swingers clubs have most of the needed amenities. Some of the amenities found in most New York swingers clubs include; Pool, Jacuzzis, Sauna, Showers, Private Rooms and Open Play Areas among other facilities.

  • Is there Age Limitation for Swingers Parties?

    Yes, there must be age limitations to avoid situations where underage are involved in activities that are meant for adults in a swingers party. Most clubs have set the minimum age as 21 though it varies depending on a specific club.

  • How do New York Swingers Clubs Define Couples?

    There has been contention on the exact meaning of couple. In relation to swingers clubs, couple is defined as male and female. A male and a male cannot act as couples in a New York swingers club.

  • Are there Lockers in New York Clubs?

    There are lockers in all on-premise swingers clubs in New York. The lockers are meant to give clients a secure place to store their valuables while out having fun.

  • Are Single Men Allowed in New York Swingers Club?

    Most clubs in New York do not allow single men. Single ladies are however allowed at some clubs.

  • Is Sex Allowed in Common Areas?

    Sex is NOT allowed in common areas. There are private rooms set aside for private encounters.


The above mentioned are some of the FAQs of New York Swingers clubs. The information provided is compiled from swingers clubs in NYC and other places such as Long Island. It is the true reflection of New York swingers clubs.

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