FAQs on Erotic Massage in New York

New York is among the most populous states in America. This fact alone has worked to keep it on the spot. Every service offered in New York is highly questioned. Most of these questions are meant to discredit New York. Of late, there have been questions arising from erotic massage New York. People have been throwing all sorts of questions on this service and how it is offered in New York. To be discussed below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions on erotic massage in New York.

  • Are the Services Legal?

    Yes. The massaging services offered in New York are very legal and have been allowed by the state government. There is a special license for anyone who wants to engage in this trade.

  • Can Minors be Masseurs in New York?

    No. minors are not allowed to engage in this trade. New York does not in any way encourage minors to engage in economic activities that may hinder their chance to enjoy peaceful education. Therefore it is illegal for any spa within New York to employ a minor.

  • Is Sex Part of Erotic Massage

    No. this is perhaps the frequent asked question. But it is important for the general population within New York to note that sex is not part of the massaging service offered. Only a body massage is allowed in the spa rooms.

  • Do Religious Men Approve of Erotic Massage in New York?

    This is a tricky question that cannot be given a definite Yes or No answer. This is because the clergy men are split on this. The clergy men who are against it perceive that it is prostitution that takes place in the room. So with the perception let go, it is clear that clergy men do not have anything against erotic massage in NYC.


The above mentioned are some of the Frequently Asked Questions on erotic massage within New York.

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