Facts about Happy Ending Massage in New York

There have been widespread speculations about erotic massage New York. People have been talking about what they think of happy ending massage and not the reality about it. This has seen the need to look into some of the facts about happy ending massage. Area of interest while doing this will be New York. This is because New York seems to be the leading state in offering such services. Below here are some of the facts about happy ending massage in New York.

  • Happy Ending Massage is Legal

    Some people have perceived this service to be somehow illegal. To clarify it once and for all, it can be said that the state government is fully aware of services offered by happy ending massage clubs in New York. A club has to get a license from the state to offer the services.

  • Sex is Not Allowed in Happy Ending Massage Clubs

    Sex is an extra service that is illegal when offering happy ending massage in New York. Therefore, those who think that these spas are more of sex dens are completely wrong. If you go there expecting sexual favor from a masseur then you will leave a totally disappointed person.

  • Minors are Not Involved in this Trade

    Minors in New York are protected against provision of such services. There are some states that use minors to lure clients but that does not happen in New York. Even offering erotic massage to minors is illegal in New York.

  • There is Sexual Satisfaction

    A Person on the receiving end-the client- usually gets satisfied sexually. This leaves the client more sexually satisfied than when he came in. This is through the rub n tug technique.

  • It has Health Benefits

    There are various benefits of getting an erotic massage. If done properly, as is done in New York, a client gets to enjoy a number of health benefits ranging from relieving stress to improving sexual functioning.


The above mentioned facts are a true reflection of happy ending massage in New York, and consequently the entire America. New York has been chosen as the study area because it is among the most populous states in America.

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