Facts about Escort Service in Tel Aviv

Escort services have been on the limelight in the recent past leading to many questions being asked about this profession. In a bid to answer most of these questions, a fact sheet about escort service in Tel Aviv will be highlighted. At least the fact sheet will give people a hint of this unique service.

Cool Facts about Escort Services

  • A Professional Occupation

Just like many other professions, escort service is a professional service. It is considered professional because there are guidelines to be followed by those involved in this service.


  • Well Paying

If you never knew that escort service in Tel Aviv pays, then you should know now. This is a well paying profession. Ladies involved in this business cash in a lot of money from both local residents and foreigners seeking escort services.  


  • Escort is not prostitution

One cool fact that is important for people to know is that escort service is not a prostitution hub. Escorts are not prostitutes in any way. As a client, it is important to note that sexual favors are not warranted when seeking escort services. An escort can simply say no and there is nothing much that you can do. It is therefore important to talk to your escort about all your needs prior to picking her.


  • Escort service does not taint morality

It is also important to note that escort service is not a career that taints participants’ morality. Though many people perceive escorts as immoral, there are actually many escorts with good morals who only do their professional work to earn their living. Morality of escorts should therefore not be questioned based on their job but rather their inner character.


  • Ladies dominate escort service

This is one fact that you are mostly familiar with since the mention of an escort is deeply associated with ladies. Ladies have dominated the escort service industry offering this unique service to men in the city.


The above mentioned are some of the facts about escort service that are worth noting. The facts could help you to have a different view of escorts and the whole industry at large.

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