Fact Sheet about Escort Service in Tel Aviv

It is natural for a fast growing industry to be scrutinized closely. Escort service industry has become the center of attraction and thus the need to lay out facts about this industry. This will help in eliminating misconceptions that people have been having about escort service in Tel Aviv. Here below is a fact sheet that you can rely on.

  • Escort service is a profession

Just like many other professions, escort service industry is also a profession where escort girls are the professionals offering the services. It is said to be a profession because there are some industry’s norms that ensure its smooth running. Both escorts and their clients are guided by some silent rules of the industry.


  • It is safe

This is a safe service industry. The safety of both clients and their escorts are guaranteed using certain security measures. Before an escort sets out for a date with her client, they have to be screened just to make sure that the escort date will go on smoothly. Therefore, there are no risks involved in this profession.


  • It pays well

Another fact that you need to know about this service industry is that it pays well. This is one of the best paying service industries in the world. Those involved in the delivery of this service make a lot of money. Escort girls are well paid and also get regular tips for their services.


  • It is not prostitution

There is a clear distinction between escort service and prostitution. The two do not, in any way, mean the same thing. While prostitutes major in sex, escorts are more into offering companionship to their clients.

It is not mandatory that an escort date will end up in bed. Businessmen prefer to get escorts just to act as their company in their business trips. It is therefore of great importance to clearly distinguish between escort service in Tel Aviv and prostitution.

The above mentioned are some of the most important facts that you need to know about escort service in Tel Aviv. Relating to these facts will eliminate the previous misconceptions about this service industry.

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