Escort Services in Tel aviv: An Ethical Guide to Contacting Escorts

Escort Services in Tel Aviv: An Ethical Guide to Contacting Escorts

To any male visitors who wish to spend time in beautiful Tel Aviv either for a business trip or for a vacation, using escort services in Tel aviv can be a pleasing experience. If you are one of the lucky ones who have the opportunities of using these services and about to make your first call, the article will help you leave good impressions in the eyes of the escort of your favorite. Guaranteed, your time with her will be one of your most enjoyable and intimate moments in Tel aviv since the very beginning.

Reviews on Escort Services in Tel Aviv

Before making your very first contact with an escort, spend a little bit of your time online to seek out reviews on some independent escorts or escort services in Tel aviv. It is crucial to save you from the risk of having a bad experience or getting tricked by one of the low-quality agencies. A good place to get comprehensive reviews is at Escort Review Sites, or forums. In the sites, you can get complete information about an escort’s look, appearance, attitude, professionalism, rates, types of services she provides, and feedbacks from clients. Lots of such sites provide the link to each escort or escort service in Tel aviv site from which you can get more specific information about her including her best photos, available services and limitations, preferred method of booking, rates, or wish list for you who intend to surprise her with a gift she will like. 


Appointment Request Form/ Email/ Phone Call

To know an escort’s preferred method of communication and booking is a bit tricky. Before making a fatal mistake and ending up irritating her, it is wise to read her “terms and policies” stated on her personal escort site thoroughly and find some relevant information before asking about something. Some escorts provide an appointment request form to fill on their site; some only provide their email address; and only a few of them share their phone number.

It is always safer to fill in an escort’s appointment request form than initially contacting her via email or phone call. In case you are asked to email her, use only a proper Subject Line, like “Hi from John” (informal) or “Appointment Request from John” (Formal). Keep your email simple and respectful otherwise it will never get read or replied. Worse, it will be likely to be deleted or put in her personal blocked list. If after 3 days you have no response from her, write another email to anticipate if your email is deleted by mistake or overlooked in her spam list.

There are times when an escort shares her phone number with assumptions that clients will call her within her preferred time. Respect her choice of time! Avoid being rude and disrespectful, or asking personal information about the escort except she, with her initiate, shares it with you.


The times when the escort responds to your initial email or phone call is the verification phase. The escort will ask for information to ensure that you are not some police officer or other associated agency trying to entrap her. She will also check if you have a bad reputation of abusing escorts. All of these attempts are to protect herself and her clients. So if she asks about your personal information, work phone, company name, or other information, you normally cannot negotiate.

If you pass the verification phase, you can rest assured that you will meet the escort from your chosen escort services in tel aviv in person on the day both you and she is convenient. The key to succeeding in this initial contact or pre-meeting matters is being simple, honest, and respectful to your lady. If you think clients are Kings, it is no hurt to see her as a Queen.

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