Escort Services in Petah Tikva


Escort services  in Petah Tikva are out there mainly for two reasons. One, obviously is Companionship. If you’re new in town or feeling alone and want someone to talk to who’s one call away, escort agencies are one of the best ways to do so. Some agencies provide Tour Escorts for a greater price. Going out on a trip to Europe alone and want someone to accompany you? Escort agencies are your best option!

The other reason of an escort service is the widely popular form of sexual services where you are provided with a woman of your choice to have sex with. There is a wide range of agencies on internet and you can browse through the women they provide and choose the one that best suits your tastes and call the agency from the number provided within the website. They’ll ask you the screen name of the escort and before you finalize it, you should ask every question that’s in your mind. This is the time not to be shy and ask away anything that is in your mind. The operator will try to answer all of your questions and don’t be disappointed if they can’t answer all of them since it’s impossible to know every detail of the women working in the escort agency. The operator will check for the availability of the escort afterwards and they’ll let you know whether she is free or not and decide a mutually agreed upon time for the meeting.

Israel having prostitution legalized, you aren’t at risk of breaking any law if you use an escort service in Petah Tikva. Before the escort has arrived, it is better that you clean yourself up and shave your face. Escorts are women, they’re not robots. They’ll have the same feelings as any other woman out there and trust me no woman wants a thick beard rubbing her face whenever she kisses. Use a perfume and mouth freshener too!

Once she arrives at your hotel, welcome her warmly. It’s better to put the agreed upon money on a place that is clearly visible, for instance the bedside table. Never put the escort in a situation where she has to ask for money. It looks professional to put the agreed upon amount in an envelope. Now you have one hour with her and you can use it in any way you want (obviously a few things are a no-no). Start with breaking the ice since no one wants to dive head first straight into sex. Remember she’s not a robot!

On the bed, everything that happens will be with a condom. She might give you a BJ for extra bucks but irrespective of that, you can try any positions and do whatever you desire within the limits of agreed upon terms as long as you’re wearing a condom. If she is really good at what she does, you can increase the hour by agreeing to pay the increment per hour and she’ll have to confirm with the agency before she adds one hour to her services.

After your time is up, let her wash herself. It’s probably best if you have a towel soaked in warm water nearby to let her clean herself. Say your goodbyes and open the door for her when she is leaving.

In case you weren’t satisfied with the escort and none of you really ‘enjoyed’, don’t be reluctant to call again some other time. The best thing about escort services is that there is a wide list of escorts you can choose from and there’s always an unexpectedly incredible escort out there! 

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