Dos and Don’ts of New York Swingers

New York is one of the most liberal states in America. The laws here allow individuals to express their freedom to associate with whoever they feel like. This has caused a significant rise in the number of Swingers within New York. However, these swingers have some of their guiding principles. The principles make the whole swinging activity enjoyable and safe. There are a number of things that a swinger is advised to do and an equal proportion of those to avoid. Here below is a list of the Dos and Don’ts of New York Swingers.

  • Do Interact Sexually With Other Swingers

    The core of having swingers is to have different sexual experiences. Therefore you are highly advised to get a sexual partner when out in any of the swingers’ parties in New York.

  • Don’t Mingle with Underage

    It is highly discouraged for swingers to pick on a date with an underage. The ideal age for swinging is anything above 21 years. Therefore those below this age should not even step into any of the swingers’ party.

  • Do Exchange Contacts with Fellow Swingers

    It is important for swingers to know members of their society. Therefore, people are advised to exchange contacts while meeting out in parties.

  • Don’t Fall in Love with a Swinger

    It should be noted that swinging is just for enhancing sexual techniques and getting to know how you can improve your sexual life. Therefore, you should not go out and fall in love with a swinger you have met in one of the parties. You should stick to your partner after the swingers’ party.

  • Do Lock Your Belongings in Your Locker

    Assumptions should not be taken to conclude that swingers’ parties are completely safe. If you have any valuables that you want to protect, it is important to have them locked in the lockers provided by the hosting club.

  • Don’t have Sex in Common Areas

    The desire to have sex in any place within the club is usually high to some swingers. Despite this, you should control your feelings while in common areas. There are private rooms provided for sex.


The above mentioned are some of the popular Dos and Don’ts that should be kept in the mind to have a good swingers lifestyle in New York.

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