Dos and Don’ts of Escort Services in New York

New York is a state that welcomes visitors from around the globe. So while the visitors are in New York, they tend to hire services of New York escorts. This is because they are irresistible and offer exemplary services. But just like any other trade, there are things that should be done and those that should not be done at all. To be highlighted below are some of the Dos and Don’ts of Escort Services in New York.

  1. Do Treat an Escort with Respect

    Escorts in New York are among the best in the world and ought to be treated with lots of respect. This will help in creating a comfortable environment while in her company.

    • Don’t Give her Your Personal Details

      While interacting with the escort, one should be cautious not to reveal some of his personal details, especially financial details. Some escorts might take advantage of client’s financial loopholes to steal from them.

  2. Do Tip her Well

    New York escorts like tips and when you tip them well they will make you be in their list of favorites. Therefore ensure that you have tipped an escort before parting ways.

    • Don’t Ask for Sexual Favors

      It is illegal in New York for clients to ask for sexual favors from escorts. If a client does this, he might face imprisonment in New York. Escorts NYC are there to offer companionship not sexual favors.

  3. Do Her Simple Favors

    There are simple favors that a client can do for an escort. Her being a lady, you can pull for her a chair while in a restaurant. This costs nothing but make a whole difference on how the escort will treat you afterwards.

    • Don’t Eat Her Meals

      If she comes with foreign meals, it is advisable for clients not to take the meals for they might be poisoned. This is meant to keep clients on the safe side.


The above mentioned are some of the Dos and Don’ts of escort services in New York.

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