Common Rules of Escort Service in New York

Every trade has its own rules that are responsible for shaping the trade. Escort service is not different in any way. There are some general rules that control this trade. New York also has some of its own rules. Some of the rules made in New York are similar to those made in other parts of the country. The rules are meant to protect both the client and the escort. To be mentioned below are some of the common rules of New York Escort Service.

  • Do Not Deal with Unlicensed Escort

    An escort in New York should be licensed by the State Government through the local authorities. Failure to produce a genuine license is an offense. Therefore, if you are new in New York and you want an escort- whether in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens or Bronx escort– it is advised that you confirm whether she is licensed to offer such services in New York.

  • Do Not Reveal your Credit Card Details

    Escorts are sought for companionship not a relationship. Therefore they cannot be trusted with private financial information. This, however, does not mean that all the escorts in New York are after stealing clients’ money but it just acts as a rule to help clients against some few escorts who are out to steal from people.

  • Prostitution is Not Part of the Service

    New York is a respected state and therefore, caution is given to both clients and escorts to avoid engaging in prostitution under the banner of escort services. This is an offense that is punishable by law at the state level.

  • Never Trust a New Escort

    This rule is not meant to make people avoid new escorts but rather to warn against trusting too much. Strange food from escorts should be avoided for the content is not known well.


The above stated rules are meant to protect any individual while under the care of NYC escort or any other escort within New York.

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