Challenges Faced by an Escort in Tel Aviv

Escort service is fast growing and many young girls are getting into this trade. Just like any other growing industry, the escort service is faced by some challenges. These challenges range from social to financial. We will highlight some of the challenges an escort in Tel Aviv is likely to face while delivering her services in the city. This will help us have a view of the scope of challenges this industry is facing.

The Challenges:

  • Tainted Public Perception

One of the major challenges that an escort in Tel Aviv is likely to face is the wrong public perception. For many years, people have always associated escort services to prostitution and thus becoming hard to separate the two. Therefore escorts in this city are discriminated by their friends and some family members with the thought that the escorts are practicing prostitution.


  • Bouncing Dates

Another challenge that escorts face here is the issue of bouncing dates. An escort can plan well a date with a client just for the client to fail to make an appearance. This becomes a financial loss on the escort more especially if she had rejected other offers for that particular time.


  • Unhygienic Clients

At times an escort can plan for an escort date with a client just to find out the client does not observe basic hygienic rules. Dealing with such a client becomes a challenge for the escort and will make her uncomfortable during the entire date.


  • Broken Promises

Another financial challenge that escorts face here is broken promises from the so called “trusted clients”. Such clients seek services with a promise of paying later just for them to go for good. This makes an escort in Tel Aviv to suffer unexpected financial loss.


Of course there could be other challenges that individual escorts face but the above mentioned are the most popular ones. To avert these challenges the best escorts in the city have resorted to being strict in their screening process.

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