Can Sex Chat Substitute Sex?

If you ask if someone can substitute the real sexual intercourse with sex chats, you will get varying answers. This is because the question is very broad. Different people have different views in regard to this question. Therefore there can never be a certain answer to it. However, there are instances where sex chats come in handy to help individuals. Therefore, we will look at such instances where sex call can be effective compared to real sexual intercourse. Here below are some of the occasions where sex chat can substitute sex.

  • When Your Partner is Far Away

    Sexual desire is a feeling that cannot be suppressed easily. When one has the desire, it is usually important to satisfy it so as to get over and done with. What if your sexual partner is far away from you? This kind of situation may become a little bit tricky. To help such a relating couple, they are advised to make sexy calls to one another to satisfy their sexual needs.

  • If You are Single

    There are those people who are single and do not have sexual partners. Phone sex is very popular among this special group of people. All they need to do is to make a simple call and get hooked by one of the many phone sex operators in New York. The operators are very experienced and will work out to get your desires fully met.

  • For Shy People

    There are those people who cannot engage in sex, not because their partners are away but simply because they are too shy to face a sexual partner in the act. Making a simple sex call where their identity is hidden is considered to be the easiest and convenient way of having sex.

  • Lack of Money

    It is often believed that for a man to have sex with a lady, he has to spend some good amount of money in treating her well. This is at least for the first encounter. There is cheap phone sex that one can get in New York instead of spending so much money to get it.


If one finds himself/herself in the above stated situations then sex chat can be a substitute to real sex.

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