Can a New York Escort Fall in Love

There have been many misconceptions about the life of New York escorts. Most of these misconceptions are targeted to question their moral character. It is very wrong to question one’s character based on the kind of job done. If this was to be the measuring scale then nearly all the professions would have been discredited. That aside, some people have been asking if a New York escort can really fall in love. The answer to this question depends on how the person views it.

To be direct in answering the question; it can be simply said that escorts in New York can fall in love- just like any other person. But the real question that is disturbing is how they fall in love with their clients. We will look into some of the reasons that make escorts in New York fall in love with their clients.

  • Emotional Attachment

    It is found that some clients prefer being handled by a specific escort while in New York. This makes the escort get to know the client at a personal level. This brings some emotional attachment which can lead to falling in love.

  • Nice Treatment

    Some clients are fond of pampering their escorts. When pampered excessively, one may develop interest that usually leads to the escort falling in love with the client.

  • Flattering

    Whenever clients make flattering remarks to the escorts, the escorts may misinterpret the remark to mean a rather more serious commitment. And given the fact that ladies fall in love with what they hear, it gets easier for an escort to fall in love with the client.


Some escorts in NYC may just have an admiration of a certain client that can easily result falling in love. However, it does not mean that all the New York escorts fall in love with their clients. As a matter of fact, most of these escorts have other emotional commitments out of their job.

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