Basic Rules and Guidelines for Escort Service in Israel

With the growing popularity of escort service in Israel, many young ladies are getting into this industry to provide their unique services. If you are a young lady thinking of getting into this lucrative industry, then there are some basic rules and guidelines that you need to know before getting into the industry.

The basic rules and guidelines will be highlighted here below with an aim of getting new escorts started in this industry.

  • Safety is paramount

One of the most important things that you need to know is that safety is paramount. As a basic rule, an escort service provider is expected to observe safety of her body. It is important for an escort to ensure that her body is safe and also healthy.


  • Money is not transferred in actual hands

Payment for escort should not exchange hands practically. The payment is usually known as ‘donation’. This is an important term that an aspiring escort should know of. The donation should be kept by the client in an envelope and placed at a corner in the hotel room. It should be placed where an escort can clearly see it.

Therefore, if you are a new escort, you should not rush to ask for money but rather seek the donation discreetly.


  • Saying no to sex is okay

Escort service in Israel is not like prostitution where sex is the main thing. An escort offering her escort services can simply say no to sex and she would not have breached any rule. It is actually okay for an escort to say no. As an escort, you should expect some clients to be upset when you say no. But ultimately, you have the final say.

Clients who want to be intimate with escorts should give prior suggestions to avoid being disappointed on the deed day.


  • Enjoy the time with your client

As a basic rule, escorts are advised to enjoy their time with their clients without feeling guilty of anything. Once you have committed to this service, it is of great importance to give it your best.

Of course there are many other rules and guidelines that guide escorts in delivering their services to clients. The above mentioned are just the basic ones that will get you started in offering escort service in Israel.

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