Are New York City Escorts The Same As Prostitutes?

Many people confuse escorts with prostitutes and with every right to do so, in some places the two really are the same. But what about New York City escorts?


Probably most girls (and guys) in this line of business don't consider themselves prostitutes, even if they do sleep with their customers. Escorts are just a bit classier and satisfying their customers' sexual desires is not their only purpose. They also need to look good and serve an entertainment purpose.


Like the name says, NYC escorts are supposed to accompany their clients out on events, parties and many other places. They go to trips with their clients and even go to company events. So they definitely need to be more elegant, sophisticated and smart. They often need to hold a conversation with different kinds of people at the event, which is something prostitutes never have to do.


Since New York is a huge metropolitan city, there are many NYC escort services – some cheaper while others consider themselves as premium companies with sky high rates, but also top notch service. And as we've heard, these escorts don't even have to see the insides of their clients' bedrooms – they are not required to sleep with them, however, many of them choose to.


One major difference between these two professions is that one is legal and the other is not. When the prostitute gets paid for sex, an escort gets paid for her companionship.


So if you are thinking of using either of these services, you have to know what it is that you really want and need, how much you are willing to pay and what are your expectations. A city like NY has it all – from cheap $20 hookers to exclusive $1,000 escort services with high end girls (or guys) and plenty of luxury and style.


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