A Male Stripper in New York

Most people are not familiar with seeing male strippers. This is because this work has been largely dominated by women. Despite the fact that ladies are the dominating figures in this trade still there are bold men who have stepped up to the challenge of being strippers. It is therefore important to look into some the challenges that male strippers face while executing their normal duties.

  • Challenges Faced by Male Strippers

    Here below are the challenges faced by male strippers in New York.

    • Negative Perception

      One of the major challenges of being a male stripper in New York is the negative perception that people quickly forms on you. It is widely believed that most male strippers are gays. This perception has tainted the image of the decent men in this trade.

    • Low Demand

      Unlike female strippers, here the demand is very low. There is no great number of women seeking services offered by male strippers. This is highly influenced by the fact that most women would not open up to seek the services of male strippers in public. But this challenge is slowly getting in control as more women are showing interest in male strippers.

    • Mockery from Fellow Men

      Men would publicly mock their fellow men that are stripping. This has lowered their morale and negatively affected their performance in job.


The above mentioned are just some of the challenges faced by men. It is also important to neutralize the challenges with some of the benefits these men get from being strippers.

  • Benefits of Being a Male Stripper in New York

    Here below are some of the benefits one gets from being a male stripper in New York.

    • Good Pay

      New York male strippers get quite a good pay. This is because women seeking their services are very philanthropic in giving out money.

    • Easy Work

      The work done by a male stripper is quite easy compared to those who engage in other economic activities.

    • Healthy

      Apart from enjoying a good pay, one gets to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is because dancing is a physical exercise that they do on daily basis without strain.

    • Flexible

      The work schedule of a stripper is very flexible and leaves him with enough time to do other activities. For instance, a male stripper can work on part time and attend school on the other hand.

    • Open up for Everybody

      There is no discrimination on who fits to be a male stripper. All a person needs to have is a good physique. To prove this, New York has many black male strippers in white owned strip clubs.



It is clearly seen that male stripping has some challenges but the return is very good.

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